Light Drops Design in patnership with House Planner Roma, is pleased to invite you to: STATTOO
Photografic exhibition that will be held to Rome between the 23/11 and the 22/12/18.

STATTOO is the new photographic project that takes up the line of a project already started in 2015 and that today is revisited with a different, and in some ways more modern, key to reading. This is the project dedicated to the “Stadio dei Marmi” in Rome. Men who, like heroes of the Roman Empire, face a gray sky. The particular light that invests them paints Caravaggesque shadows and highlights all their imposing physicality, their strength. To those observing today, the statues tell a completely new story. To tell it, in fact, it is not only their powerful and vigorous bodies depicted in the photographs, but also the tattoos that have been drawn on those bodies, as if they were real bodies in flesh and blood, with the expert “hands” of two of the greatest masters Milanese tattoo artists; Claudio Pittan, specialized in Japanese tattoos, and Davide Andreoli.